cutout standee

Cutout Standees

"Bring your brand to life with our Life-Size Cutout Standees.
Captivate audiences with attention-grabbing, custom-printed
figures that add a personal touch to events, stores,
and promotional spaces."

Spinning display stand

Spinning display stand

"Revolutionize your display with our Custom Branded Spinning Display Stand.
Engage customers with dynamic visuals, offering a unique and interactive way
to showcase your brand and products for maximum impact."

Sharfin flags

Sharkfin flags

"Make a splash with our Sharkfin Flags.
Dynamic and eye-catching, these flags boast high-quality graphics
on durable material, ensuring your brand or message
stands tall in any setting."

Selfie frame


"Create shareable moments with our Custom Printed Selfie Frames.
Designed for social engagement, these frames offer a fun and branded
way to capture memories at events, ensuring your brand stands out."

Street pole flags

Street Pole Flags

"Elevate urban landscapes with our Custom Printed Street Pole Flags.
Transform any street into a vibrant showcase of your brand or event,
combining eye-catching designs with durable materials for maximum impact."



"Amplify your message with our Custom Printed Paper Posters.
Unleash creativity on premium paper, ensuring vivid colors and
sharp details for an affordable yet impactful promotional tool
to captivate your audience."



"Bring your walls to life with our Printed Canvas stretched onto a Wooden Frame.
Immerse spaces in personalized art, combining quality printing with a sturdy frame
for a timeless and impactful aesthetic statement."

Wall paper

Wall paper

"Transform spaces with our bespoke Custom Printed Wallpaper.
Elevate interiors with personalized graphics, vibrant colors,
and seamless installation, creating a unique atmosphere that
resonates with your brand or vision."

Counter display

Counter display signs

"Maximize your brand impact with our self-standing counter displays.
Elevate product visibility at point-of-sale with these versatile,
eye-catching solutions designed for easy setup,
ensuring your message stands out effortlessly."

Pullup banners

Roll-up banner

"Unveil your message in style with our sleek roll-up banners.
Portable, easy to set up, and visually striking, these banners
deliver a powerful presence at events, trade shows,
and retail spaces."

Pop up

Popup banner

"Instantly grab attention with our dynamic pop-up banners.
Compact, portable, and visually compelling, these banners
effortlessly promote your brand or message, making them
perfect for events, exhibitions, and promotions."

Pillar Wraps

Pillar wraps

"Transform spaces with our custom-branded pillar wraps.
Elevate visibility and brand presence through vibrant graphics,
showcasing your message on pillars with high-quality printing
and impactful signage solutions for a lasting impression."

PVC banner

PVC banners

"Explore impactful advertising with our printed black and white PVC
banners featuring sturdy eyelets. Versatile and durable,
these banners provide a high-contrast canvas for your message,
ensuring visibility and longevity."



Bottle labels

"Elevate your product presentation with our precision-printed labels.
Showcase your brand's identity with vivid colors and sharp details,
ensuring a professional and eye-catching impression for your
packaging and products."

Hanging banners

Hanging banner

"Elevate your message with our bespoke branded hanging banners.
Capture attention effortlessly with vibrant graphics suspended in
strategic spaces, offering a visually striking and effective
signage solution for your business or event."

Floor decals

Floor decals

Transform floors into dynamic advertising spaces with our floor decals.
Enhanced with non-slip lamination, these eye-catching graphics not only
captivate attention but also prioritize safety,
making your brand stand out confidently.

Stacked cubes

Entry box

"Enhance your brand's reception with our personalized
branded stacked entry boxes. Make a lasting impression at entrances,
combining functionality and aesthetics for a striking welcome
experience through custom printing and signage solutions."

Chromadek sign

Chromadek sign

"Craft a lasting impression with our Chromadek Signs. Robust, weather-resistant,
and visually vibrant, these signs offer a durable solution for outdoor advertising,
ensuring your brand stands out with resilience and style."

Banner wall

Banner Wall

"Make a statement with our Wall Banners.
Elevate spaces effortlessly with custom graphics, vivid colors,
and easy installation, transforming any wall into a
captivating canvas for your brand or message."

A frame


"Enhance visibility with our A-Frame signs.
Portable and eye-catching, these signs offer a versatile solution
for promoting your message indoors or outdoors,
making a bold statement for your brand."



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The Poster Works has been around since 1994. We are a graphic solutions company and pride ourselves in fast turnaround of custom made short run display and signage projects. We have a long history of servicing a wide range of customers including Exhibition Companies, Corporates, Signage Companies, SMEs, Individuals and Exhibitors.

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