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What to do with those holiday snaps

Wonder about what to do with those holiday snaps ?

The thousands of pictures we can now take so easily with digital cameras leaves us with a librarian’s nightmare. Historians will cringe if and when they uncover the archives of this time. There is more data in photo's and movies now than at any other time in history. The ease of capturing this data is amazing.

Every indication is that the ease size and quality will only improve. Fortunately applications that provide some face recognition make cataloging the images easier, keywords, geo-tags and dates also allow for easier sorting and arrangement.

But that’s not why the picture was taken was it? You didn’t take the shot saying this will fit in well with the catalogue. You didn’t take the photo to simply add to your collection of a million photos.

You said “this is a moment in time that I want to capture and remember”. The emotional forces were not “this is a technically brilliant photographic creation”, but rather “this is a special moment I want to capture and share with others”, this is a place I want to return to in my memories”.


So what now…


The pictures lie unsorted in your in you’re My Pictures folder, each one is special and you can’t bear to discard them. Some are out of focus but the angle is just right. Some too dark but the moment captured, too special for words.


Well I stumbled onto a perfect solution. I decided to create a one picture of all the photos in the collection… Yes ALL of them. All the way from 2002.

I was amazed as I searched though the collection how the quality and quantity changed over time.

I have to admit I did some editing and deleting, mining site visit photos didn’t fit the brief. I wanted only family photos.


When I was done I had a collection of about 5000 photos, fortunately there were about even numbers of portrait and landscape pictures.


The next step was to use AndreaMosaic to create a photo mosaic of the images. I chose to make a A0 (841 x 1189mm) stretched canvas print of the collection. The tough part was finding an image that captured the activity/moment that the family enjoyed. I chickened out and chose a landscape of Namibia, we have loved our trip there.


Printed out and stretched the photos are about 2 x 2.5cm enough to be reminded of the event, scene, or moment that they were intended to remind us of. Hours of trips down memory lane are now possible as this hangs on a wall at home. The random placement makes it a voyage of discovery every time we see the canvas. Also at a distance the image reminds us of the place we so enjoy visiting.


The AndeasMosaic software will even allow you to extract frames from a video and then create a mosaic from those.


For those who do not wish to navigate the software The Poster Works will be happy to assist. We will also be glad to print and stretch the canvas or laminate and block mount the poster you may require. Even a wall paper mural of your memories is a great way to keep the memories of your family time alive and well.

Just remember to keep capturing them and leave space on the wall for more memories.


Mark Kilbourn



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